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  2. In Rivendell Reader 32 from the Spring of 2004, Grant Petersen recalls his time at Bridgestone and makes these proclamations: Set up a scale from 1 to 100, and let's agree to call our current Rivendell customs a 100, and a Magna (department store) mountain bike a 5. The high-end Bstones were 45s, and the middle ones were 35s
  3. As a historical note, this is the first All-Rounder sold to anyone after Rivendell was founded in 1994. As a surprise, Grant had an extra serial number added to the bottom bracket shell that include my initials, AR for All-Rounder, and #1 because it was the first sold

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  1. Rivendell Moustache Bar example. Saved by Gerard Hogan. 4. Touring Bike Old Bikes Vintage Bikes.
  2. Rivendell Rambouillet - $2,200 (Fort Collins) Custom steel frame Rivendell Rambouillet with 26 wheels. Mustache handle bars. Shimano components. Brooks saddle available. New tires. Dual use pedals
  3. iscent of the RB-1, or what the RB-1.

Nitto Albastache, 25.4It's a modified version of the discontinued Moustache H'bar But it was heavily influenced by the Albatross bar, so we gave it half that name.Compared to the original Moustache Handlebar: • it's almost two inches wider• the curves are about an inch closer• the drop (how much it curves down) is an The Rivendell website has recently added a section with pictures of bicycles that members of their staff own. At what should be the mother church of the moustache bar, I saw lots of lugs, fenders, baskets, reflectors, and one-inch threaded stems, but not a single moustache bar. That being said, I have a moustache bar on my Surly Cross Check.

Grant Petersen designed the Moustache in the early 1990s specifically for the Bridgestone XO bicycles, as a kind of a hybrid between upright and drop bars. Today several manufacturers produce their own versions (including Soma and Origin8), though likely the Nitto/ Rivendell model remains closest to the original So Rivendell offers not just lugged steel frames, but elaborate, nearly Victorian curlicues on the lugs. It lists not only the moustache bar but two or three new curves of traditional (non-ergo) drop bars Your pick of a handlebar has more to do with your position on the bike than just about any other part. (Obviously, the stem is related.) All of the models we offer are either our designs-from-scratch, or are our modifications of existing designs, to make them just right. For decades, we've sold only NITTO (from Tokyo Rivendell also sold the Moustache handlebar, a Dirt Drop handlebar (not as flared as the Wilderness Trail Bikes Dirt Drop, sort of in-between the WTB bar and a standard drop bar), and now sells the Albastache bar that's similar, and all sorts of other neat stuff. Return to my bike page. Return to my home page I've always really liked the look of moustache bars since way back on the Bridgestone bikes. Kind of a coincidence Grant Peterson was involved with Bridgestone back then and is also the proprietor of Rivendell (I didn't know until recently the connection)

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Well, if you read the literature on most Rivendell designs, including the original flyers on the QB, Grant anticipated that people would use drops (noodle), Mustache, and Albatross bars on pretty much any of his bikes, so I wouldn't necessarily say that the QB was designed for drops It was time for a new bike for 2012. This one is for the mountains! It's a wooly mammoth bike! I rode one last summer at Rivendell World HQ and was smitten. I just love Rivendell bikes. Their design and execution is unlike any other, and Grant runs a great business. I decided to snarf up a Rivendell Hunqapillar Nitto RM016N Moustache Handlebar 25.4mm Bridgestone XO Rivendell - Used. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Saved from twowheeledinspiration.tumblr.com. twowheeledinspiration. Rivendell Moustache Bar exampl Aloha all, Looking for other manufacturers of the moustache bar out there besides the Nitto, Nashbar or Rivendell versions. Any other options?? I am hoping for an aluminum bar, anyone have one? Apologies if I have blasphemed and should have posted in components/wrenching. Cheers! -Ja

Find the most affordable and convenient self storage units in Rivendell-Sub, MI. Store in your neighborhood and save $480 dollars a year on average. Host 1-800-822-904 What's the deal with Nitto Albatross handlebars? Are they a suitable replacement for drop bars? What's the best way to set them up?Uncle Hobocross explains t..

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Mustache is a crown for men so choosing the type of mustache will give a cool aesthetic to men who are more handsome. Nitto New Moustache Handlebar By Rivendell And Outlined Pr Flickr Forums Mtbr Com Universal Cycles Nitto Moustache Bar Rm 016 25 4mm Rm 016 26 0m *RIVENDELL* cheviot complete bike BLUE LUG custom SPEC Frame: *RIVENDELL* cheviot Stem: *NITTO* technomic stem Handle:*NITTO* rm016 mustache bar Wheels: *SHIMANO* xt × *VELOCITY* atlus Tire:*SCHWALBE* marathon Brake lever:*SHIMANO* BL-R400 FD:*SHIMANO* claris RD:*SHIMANO* altus Crankset.

Nov 24, 2014 - The Bridgestone/Nitto/Rivendell Moustache Handleba 13-ago-2014 - Matthias Cada descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest 13-ago-2014 - spkhb65 descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest Bridgestone had developed a high level of expertise in sport bike design by the early 1980s, further accelerated when the beloved Grant Petersen - now of Rivendell Bicycle Works - joined the company as BridgestoneUSA marketing boss. While Petersen acknowledges learning much of his design philosophy from contacts with Bridgestone designers in Japan, BridgestoneUSA's glory days are usually. Find the most affordable and convenient self storage units in Rivendell, MI. Store in your neighborhood and save $480 dollars a year on average. Host 1-800-822-904

Looking to offer its newest bar in a variety of clamp sizes and specs, the newest Rivendell handlebar is one for the masses. The Tosco mid-rise bar fills out the Bosco family of bars. The Bosco is a high-rise, the Losco (a Blue Lug bar) is low-rise. If you don't like the standard 25.4mm clamp diameter, well there are options for that. You can order a Tosco in a 31.8mm clamp or a direct-to. Looking For Great Deals On Rivendell? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay. Get Rivendell With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay

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  1. True to Rivendell's promise, the Nitto bar was a beauty, with a perfect satiny finish. Naturally, I managed to mangle it as I worked it into the Nitto Technomic stem. It seems the moustache bar has a wide mounting section, which increases its diameter. So the stem, which had been tightened on my regular diameter bar, was too small for the new.
  2. Moustache Bars on Rivendell Sam Hillborne (by EcoVelo) Random; Archive; RSS; tell me something interesting (ask) Show BiSiKLETA your ride
  3. Rivendell Sam Hillborne with mustache bars. neuer1 liked this . urbanadventureleague liked thi
  4. The moustache bar symbolizes Grant Petersen to many people in the bike biz, and Grant Petersen symbolizes Bridgestone, so it's worth taking a look at their relationship. The bar is a Petersen design, inspired by the handlebars made popular during the first bike boom at the end of the 19th century. To quote Petersen on the current Rivendell.

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The albastache bar is made exclusively for Rivendell bicycle works by Nitto. It's a modified version of the discontinued Mustache H'bar But it was heavily influenced by the Albatross bar, so it got the half that name. Compared to the original Moust Handlebar 560Mm Ergo Drop Handlebar Flat Handlebar 31 8Mm Lo-Rise Carbon Alloy Handlebar 42Cm Road Handlebar 42Cm 31 8 Drop Handlebar 40Cm Xc Mountain Bike Handlebar 42Cm Road Bar Handlebar Aero Handlebar 31 31 8Mm Ergo Fsa K-Wing Compact Bike Handlebar 25 4Mm Handlebar 44 Cm Carbon Flat Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Flat Handlebar 25 Carbon Compact Handlebar Compact 42Cm Drop Handlebar 26 Rise. Rivendell offers a newsletter full of interesting articles and interviews with industry members and history. In many ways, it is the old BOB _Gazette_ come to fruition and full flower. Grant has full creative control of his company and this has allowed him to produce some products wholly unique to Riv Not only that, but the much-maligned mustache bars are alive and well and sold through Rivendell's website (I have them on two of my bikes -- and love them). Addendum : Fun facts: The lovely fork crown on the XO-1 was originally spec'd for a Japanese-market Bridgestone touring bike called the Atlantis (1981 - 1982, according to Rivendell Reader #35 from 2005)

Iconic of the Bridgestone XO era and later championed by Rivendell, the Moustache handlebar is perhaps more popular today than ever. The dr.. The US$1099 Smooth Hound takes a chapter out of the Rivendell page with a Brooks leather saddle and Nitto moustache handlebars

Rivendell, also known as Imladris in Sindarin and Karningul in Westron, is the home of Lord Elrond Peredhil and is located in Middle-earth in the Lord of the Rings continuum. 1 In Canon 1.1 The Hobbit 1.2 The Lord of the Rings 2 In Badfic Rivendell is the 'Last Homely House' between the inhabited regions of Eriador and the wilderland beyond the Misty Mountains. It sits beside the River Bruinen. The offroad-ready rigid (Rivendell Atlantis) See, the Blériot can take tires as big as 41mm WITH fenders. If anyone would make them, I reckon a guy could squeeze 50mm tires, if not bigger; and that would make for a fine semi-rough trail bike. So what do you think in terms of a build? Mustache bars or Albatross? 48/36/26 triple? What on the rear The internets guide to help you compare comfort / alt bicycle handlebars online After Bridgestone Japan pulled the plug on Bridgestone USA in 1994, Grant Petersen went on to found Rivendell Bicycles.As master of his own domain, he has since been free to march to his own drummer, producing Rivendell, Rambouillet, Atlantis, Romulus, Saluki, Betty Foy and other bikes with his special design flavor. The Rambouillet and Romulus are reminiscent of the RB-1, or what the RB-1. - Rivendell Quickbeam frame/fork, 54cm, custom color (I'm not sure of the year: 2005? 2006?) - Tange Levin headset - 80mm Nitto Dynamic stem, 26.0mm - Nitto Moustache handlebars, 25.4mm, shimmed - Newbaum cloth bar tape, baby blue - Japanese silver strike bell from Jitensha Studio - Dia Compe inverse brake lever

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New Moustache Bar Project. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. Shayne · Mantis, Paramount, Campy. Joined Jan 14, 2004 · 4,726 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 25. The Milk Mustache Marauder strikes again! 02/07/2021 . We have newborns this morning! Wendy started having her puppies at 7am. Be the first to know and let us send you an email when Rivendell Kennel: English Springer Spaniels & Pembroke Welsh Corgi's posts news and promotions Albania Algérie Andorra Armenia Argentina Aruba Australia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belgium Беларусь/Belarus Bosnia And Herzegovina Brasil България / Bulgaria Canada Chile MAINLAND CHINA / 中国大陆 Hong Kong SAR / 香港特別行政區 Macau SAR / 澳門特別行政區 Taiwan, China / 中國台灣 Colombia Costa Rica Cyprus Česká republika Danmark Deutschland / Germany Ecuador. Nitto RM-016 Moustache Moustache handlebar, heat treated aluminium. 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp. £56.00. Nitto 420mm Carrier Stays. £14.00. Nitto B127 NJS. NJS stamped Cr-Mo steel partly due to the demands of a resurgent urban cycling market and partly due to Rivendell Bicycle works whose fruitful partnership with Nitto resulted in the. XS(42cm) size requires Tetkro R-556 (Rivendell Silver) caliper brake or Dia-Compe Mod. 750 brake to reach 26 rims. 50, 54, and 58cm sizes require a 49-57mm reach caliper brake to reach 700c rims. Buena Vista Frame Set (for Rim Brake

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Rivendell All-Rounder: This is our most versatile frame, but unlike most things so versatile, it excels at and is probably the best choice for most of the riding most people do most of the time. When you build it up in a typical fashion, with either Moustache or drop handlebars and bar-end shifters, it is clearly neither a conventional road or mountain bike Red 1985 Raleigh Record Resurrectio, serial: 3KJ1933. Raleigh Record with Rivendell Resurrectio decals. Mustache handlebars, red/orange shellacked bar tape. Grip King platform pedals. Silver SKS fenders. Basically a Rivendell tribute bike Posts about rivendell bikes written by Velo Haven. Bike Show Bikes by Rivendell Bikes: There are bikes I think of as doily bikes that bring out the worst in me and lead to thoughts of self-criticism for feeling that way, because it's just a bike, which is true, but the accolades heaped on crazily designed and nearly dysfunctional bikes at bike shows bum me out anyway

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Find great deals on eBay for mustache handlebars. Shop with confidence Rivendell's Bosco Bars That provides a longer stretch down into a bona fide aero position. I can't get that from mustache or trekking bars. This past weekend I rode the Michigan Mountain Mayhem and, to my eye, I was as aero dynamic on the descents as the spandex hamsters,.

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Handlebar - Nitto Bosco – Rivendell Bicycle WorksRe-Trying the Moustache HandlebarThe Moustache HandlebarCycloculture: An Interview with Grant PetersenCC Bicycle Gallery: Dennis Desilva's Black & Cream Atlantis
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